Michelle Herron (parent)

 My son is 5, and has been in Miss Cathy's care for almost 2 years. When she took our miniature 'challenge' he was quite a  handful. He is incredibly smart, full of personality, and has a very strong willed attitude. With her help and support, we have  made huge improvements in taming different situations, and as he continues to grow, he's always presenting new challenges. If  I have learned nothing more from Miss Cathy, it's that you MUST be consistent with your child. Adding Cathy's 30+ years in the  childcare business, she has made it such a positive experience by how she addresses all situations with a loving and consistent  approach that we transition into our own home. Her motto is ' actions speak louder than words'. Cathy also keeps an  'open door'  policy, for questions, concerns, or just to talk about your child's day. I love our 'chats'. I enjoy walking into her  daycare knowing  that it is always clean and safe, and that she always feeds the children good nutritious food including fresh  fruits and veggies on a consistent basis. She always has an assistant during the day to help, and has a fantastic curriculum for  preschool aged kids -  which made our transition this year into Kindergarten a very smooth and comfortable process. I wish I  had more than a  paragraph to write all the  wonderful things she has done for my son and our family but this pretty much sums  it  up. If you are looking for a caring, compassionate,  dependable caregiver for your child - then please look no further. We  could not have been  blessed with a better provider to care for our only child.  I know every day when I leave my son in Miss  Cathy's care, that he is  getting the same loving, nurturing care that we would give him at home.

    I want to take this opportun​ity to thank all of you for your kind words. I            have been truelly blessed to have had so many wonderful and supportive     
day care parents over the years. You have made it all worth wild! 
Sincerely and Greatfully,
Miss Cathy
 I grew up at Cathy's Angels and  Cathy is real loving. She is like a  second mom to me. I always  loved how she would help me  when I needed a shoulder to lean  on or someone to talk to. I  would recommend Cathy's  Angels to anyone they are so  wonderful. Love and miss u  Cathy .
 A Yahoo! Local User (Nate's Dad) 
My son was born with a cleft lip and palate. He was G tube dependent we were going to Children's Mercy for occupational and nutritional therapy. Nate started with Cathy's Angels in early August (he was almost 3 years old). At that point he was only occasionally snacking. By September he was no longer using a G tube for meals. Miss Cathy and her staff had a huge influence. We had tried to get him to eat with no success but with Miss Cathy's help and peer pressure he no longer has a G tube and is gaining weight. Our doctors said in all the years they had treated children like Nate they had never seen anything like it. We can never thank Miss Cathy enough. I would tell anyone who asked me if they had the opportunity to enroll their child at Cathy's Angels to jump at the chance. Miss Cathy and her staff are amazing..


 My children went to Cathy's several  years ago. She was a wonderful  provider. Never had any problems.  Her staff was wonderful. My    children loved it there. Only reason  they are not there any longer is  because they grew up. It is a very  safe and clean place to take your  children. Cathy and her staff are    very loving people. I highly  recommend Cathy's Angels to  everyone.
 Dear Concerned Parent,
 I am the mother of the children who got  the spots you gave up. I just want to  thank you for doing that. I don't know  what you heard or read but my girls love  it at Miss Cathy's. My girls run, not walk,  but run into Miss Cathy's almost every    morning. I can't even begin to tell you all  they have learned and in such a short  period of time. It amazes us. We could  not ask for anything more. Miss Cathy  and her staff are wonderful..
Geena Cairns 
​To whom it may concern, I just wanted to get a point across about a review I came across about Miss Cathy and her child care in Blue Springs, Mo. I have been taking my children there for sometime now. I can say I have never taken my children anywhere else but to my family. But a good friend of mine recommended her to me one day and I called her to set up an appointment. I fell in love with her and what I saw the first time I went. Miss Cathy is very kind and my children love going to her everyday just to see what she has planned for them that day. My children say Miss Cathy, Mr. Daniel and Miss Tami make learning fun. She has field trips every Friday and a music teacher comes in on Wednesday. Like I said, I came across someone putting a review about her that wasn't very nice. The only thing I can say is, take my advice I wouldn't leave my children with anyone I couldn't trust. I am very picky. With Miss Cathy you can drop in anytime of the day. You don't have to call, that alone tells me she has nothing to hide. Read the other reviews and I'm sure you will be satisfied with what you see. I'm sorry this is so long, but I just wanted to make it fair and share my views on Cathy's Angels.
​Thank you very much Geena

 I took David to Miss Cathy's  for the 2010-2011 school  year. He learned so much  while he was there. He really  enjoyed his time with the  other kids and loved Miss  Cathy and Daniel. The kids  have music on Wed..  and go  on field trips every Friday.

Cathy's Angels Child Care and Learning Center

 Jeni Frink - parent

 My son has been going to Cathy's Angels for quite a while now. Every single day he is  so excited to get out of the car and run inside and see Miss Cathy and the other  children. Not once has he ever asked not to go to school. The teachers that are  hired are the very best and just as great with the children as Cathy herself -  almost... It's hard to love kids as much as Miss Cathy does! The place is always clean.  And one of the best things... Is that she feeds the children great food, she will even  feed the kids three meals a day plus two snacks! That sounds silly, but you would be  surprised how badly kids eat at a lot of these places. Miss Cathy has become part of  our family and my son will continue to go there as long as possible!!!